Harklinikken (HK) hair care products, developed by Danish scientist and hair restoration specialist, Lars Skjoth, are plant-based and free of harmful ingredients. They have no color, perfume, silicone, sls/sles, or parabens. These products support hair health and vitality, are a great choice for anyone looking for a natural alternative to high-end hair care, and are required for those on the Harklinikken hair restoration treatment program. 

As the HK shampoos are rather specific, here's our general guide for which to choose:

Balancing Shampoo:  The most cleansing and purifying to the scalp, balancing shampoo is best for men or women who require a deep cleanse. It is yet gentle on hair and helps to restore the natural pH balance to the scalp. It also reduces scalp irritation. Balancing Shampoo may also be incorporated by rotating with another HK shampoo, perhaps once or twice per week to remove product build up.

Restorative Shampoo:  This is the only HK shampoo that contains small amounts of the Extract used in HK hair loss treatment. It is formulated to help control sebum production, which is a contributing factor of hair loss caused by hormonal changes, yet leaves the hair feeling soft and hydrated. As its name indicates, this shampoo has the strongest effect on hair growth outside of the actual custom Extract. It may be used daily or rotated with the Balancing Shampoo for additional cleansing. Shake well before each use.

Stabilizing Shampoo:  Deeply cleanses the scalp and follicles to reduce sebum production. Used to support the efficacy of the custom Extract for those in treatment, and not recommended for highlighted blond hair. It will also help restore the luster to dull or dry hair.

PH Shampoo / Fortifying Shampoo (the name is changing to the latter): The most gentle of the HK shampoos, perfect for those with fine, wavy or curly, as well as color treated hair. Excellent for damaged, chronically dry hair, as it softens without artificial ingredients. Try using the Balancing shampoo with it once per week.

Balancing Shampoo 290 ml Full Size
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Stabilizing Shampoo
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Fortifying Shampoo
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Daily Conditioner Full Size 290 ml
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Leave In Hair Hydrating Cream
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Hair Hydrating Mask
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Styling Paste
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Styling Wax
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Styling Spray
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Styling Gel
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Weightless Conditioner
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