About Us

Eva Scrivo Beauty Boutique is a collection of beauty products and tools carefully selected by the famous NYC salon owner, author, and beauty expert, Eva Scrivo. Most are some of the very same products sold in our New York City salons, which means they are regularly used and tested not only by the salon clientele, but also by Eva and her staff. At Eva Scrivo’s Beauty Boutique, our goal is to make our customers’ lives easier by offering an edited selection of products that we stand behind as a company and that address the beauty needs of most customers.

If you would like to purchase any products that are sold in our salons but not on this Web site, please contact us directly to place an order by phone: 212-677-7315 x 4. You can also contact us at that number or email info@evascrivo.com with any questions relating to the products we carry.

To learn more about Eva Scrivo and our company, please visit our general Web site. To watch videos of Eva's television appearances, as well as her other how-to videos, photography of our work, and general blog posts, please visit our Beauty Blog and Video Gallery.